This site allows you to register and update information about your COSPAS-SARSAT beacon
Why register its beacon? What is the use of my data?


General informations


Do not wait for the very last time for registration, perform it  at least two weeks in advance prior to the use of your beacon.

 The account creation can take several minutes. Please wait for RECEIVE AND VALIDATE  The confirmation message prior to continue.

ATTENTION : The site has been configured with optimisation for FireFox use. We suggest you to use this Internet Navigator.

in order to ease your account creation you can click on the link hereafter:



Basic principles :

  • Pay attention to mishandlings, it may cause false alerts and sollicitate unappropriately the organisms of rescue.
  • Beacons activations just for test are forbidden
  • In case of beacon replacement, the old one must be neutralised (remove completely the battery), and don't forget to update your account.
  • Pay attention to use only batteries approved by COSPAS SARSAT
  • Attention, your beacon has been sold or given to someone; you must "clear" it, this is mandatory in order to permit the following user to register it.    Go on your account and click on "retirer" but not on "supprimer". Next, validate the operation.   Update your account as frequently as possible (for any event or any change of navigation area).   Thanks you